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Cedar Rapids, Iowa Attorney practicing in Iowa primarily in Personal Injury, Employment Law, Family Law, Civil Litigation and Appeals, Personal Injury and Agricultural Law. Lawyers at the Day Rettig Peiffer, P. C. are dedicated to serve their clients in Iowa, including the cities of Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Ames, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Davenport, Dubuque, Waterloo, Adel, Marshalltown, Pella, Decorah, Eldora, Johnston, Ankeny, Muscatine, Ottumwa, Manchester, Elkader and Burlington , and the communities that make Polk, Webster, Story, Linn, Johnson, Scott, Dubuque, Black Hawk, Dallas, Marshall, Marion, Winneshiek, Muscatine, Wapello, Delaware, Clayton, Hardin and Des Moines counties.
Tree of Five Seasons , Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The law firm of Day Rettig Peiffer, P.C. is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We provide a broad range of legal services to individuals and business clients throughout Iowa and the midwestern part of the country.

Our firm is a full service law firm. We represent clients in every level of the Iowa state court system.

The cornerstone of our success is the quality relationship which we maintain with clients. Clients are treated with integrity and respect for their needs, goals, and objectives. We focus on intelligent legal representation and pledge to listen to and communicate with clients.


ATTORNEY PROFILES Joseph E. Day Joseph A. Peiffer Mark H. Rettig
  Ronald C. Martin Jennifer E. Germaine  
Agricultural Law

Farming has never been the easiest profession. Besides the hard work and long hours, there are a number of critical legal issues, ranging from financial and estate issues to labor and production contracts. An understanding of these legal issues can be vital to the success of a farm.

Agricultural Law Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I pass my farm on to my children?
Q: What is a production contract?
Q: Which laws govern my relationship with my employees?
Consumer Credit / Debtor Creditor
The best planning and hard work cannot always prevent debts that are impossible to repay. Sometimes, the best solution is bankruptcy: it is an extremely powerful tool and can help to resolve problems that seem impossible. It is important to get advice from an attorney with experience in bankruptcy law. A bankruptcy attorney can help a debtor to move on and get the most of this process, and help a creditor to recover as much of their debt as possible. READ MORE >>
Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does a Chapter 13 bankruptcy remove all of my debts?
Q: Is there any way to eliminate student loans through bankruptcy?
Q: Can I eliminate child support or alimony by declaring bankruptcy?
Civil Litigation & Appeals
There are many options open to business owners other than litigation. The best option depends on an individual's specific needs and goals. Small claims court, alternative dispute resolution, and class actions may all be appropriate actions depending on the situation. In addition, business owners may become defendants in a class action or small claims action. It is important for business owners to understand the legal principles involved in these possibilities. READ MORE >>
Civil Litigation & Appeals Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I appeal a mediation or arbitration?
Q. How is arbitration different from mediation?
Q. How are legal fees set for a class action?
There is a large body of federal and state law that regulates the relationships between employers and their employees, including potential and former employees. Employment law covers a number of complicated issues, including taxation, record-keeping, discrimination and safety concerns. Employment relationships take different forms. Most employment relationships can be categorized as at-will or contract employment. READ MORE >>
Employment Law Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is my employer allowed to read my e-mail or monitor my Internet usage?
Q: If employers are allowed to monitor e-mails and Internet usage, can they also monitor phone
    calls or voicemails?
Q: Are there laws that cover work hours and wages?
Family law rules relate to both relationships between family members as well as a family and society. Family law reflects shared values by society pertaining to how people who are related should treat one another. Family law attorneys can assist people with prenuptial agreements, divorce, paternity, child custody and child support, and in some instances, adoption. When you are faced with an important decision pertaining to a family relationship, seek the legal advice of one of our experienced attorneys. READ MORE >>
Family Law Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is a marriage?
Q: What is a divorce?
Q: What is common law marriage?
There are various ways that Personal Injury may result. Personal Injury may be caused by defective or dangerous consumer goods, motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls or even animal attacks. Personal Injury attorneys are experienced with recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your case. They know before you pursue legal action if you have a potential case and what would be needed to make it stronger. READ MORE >>
Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have a winnable Personal Injury case?
Q: How long do I have to file a lawsuit?
Q: What should I bring when I meet my lawyer?

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